Jeffrey Stuart Goldblatt, MD

Medical Director & Surgeon located in Deep River, CT

About Dr. Goldblatt

Jeffrey Goldblatt, MD, is a skilled surgeon with an impressive medical background. Now serving as the medical director of Shoreline Medical Spa, Dr. Goldblatt is proud to provide residents of Deep River, Connecticut, with the absolute highest quality medical aesthetics available.

Dr. Goldblatt has long valued education. He began his study of medicine at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond before moving on to a residency at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. He went on to enlist in the United States Air Force, where he served as chief of surgery at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia.

Once his time in service ended, Dr. Goldblatt went into private practice with a focus on general and vascular surgery, taking advantage of opportunities to expand his skills and training through continuing education.   

Medical aesthetics is another area of interest for Dr. Goldblatt, and he’s traveled extensively to attend training in the latest cosmetic treatments. He also evaluates the newest medical technology to determine which platforms offer the best outcome for the men and women in his care.

As medical director of Shoreline Medical Spa, Dr. Goldblatt is honored to lead a team of professionals committed to providing excellent aesthetic services centered on a foundation of expansive medical backgrounds.