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Shoreline Medical Spa offers Sculptra Aesthetic; an FDA approved aesthetic solution containing a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid. Poly-L-Lactic Acid is a fully biocompatible, biodegradable substance that is naturally absorbed by your body. It’s made from the same material found in dissolvable stitches. It’s been in use worldwide since 1999.

What Does Sculptra Do? 

Sculptra works gradually over time to help patients at Shoreline Medical Spa obtain a more youthful-looking complexion and appearance. Sculptra works differently than hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, using biocompatible materials to help stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production. Restore your face’s inner structure and increase facial volume with this exciting injectible.

Who Benefits from Sculptra?

Reverse the effects of time. Sculptra Aesthetic works best when it is used as intended, for people with healthy immune systems. Anybody who has experienced collagen loss can benefit from Sculptra with Shoreline Medical Spa.

More on Collagen

You hear the word a lot, but it helps to know what collagen is. Collagen is a key structural component of smooth, supple, healthy-looking skin. It’s a natural occurrence that, as you age, your body’s collagen production will decrease over time. It’s inevitable. Put it this way; you lose close to 1% of your collagen supply each year after you turn the age of 20. For some, this is the point where you might start noticing wrinkles. This is when you may start to notice the formation of wrinkles. Sculptra Aesthetic can help promote your body’s natural production of collagen, even after decades of loss.Sculptra delivers fantastic results. 80% of patients in a conducted study who underwent the treatment are still satisfied with their results 25 months after their procedure. 

Call Shoreline Medical Spa today and schedule your initial consultation. We’ll go over your options and discuss the ways Sculptra Aesthetic can benefit you.


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