Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF): Enhancing Anti-Aging Treatments


What is PRF?

PRF service offers an incomparable experience that is 100% natural. Using your own growth factors, and stem cells, new “younger” cells are generated while converting existing, dormant cells into more active anti-aging “warriors” functioning at optimal proficiency.

Known to be the second generation of PRP, the platelet-rich fibrin matrix obtained during your service, is made up of growth factors and stem cells, from your own blood. Drawn and centrifuged in a newer process, that is both highly efficient, and proprietary, PRF requires a very specific centrifuge system, that uses a slower, longer spinning process to separate the fibrin and growth factors from the red blood cells. This allows us to keep all active cells and growth factors intact for immediate use! Instantly the stem cell cascade effect is set in action.

PRF can be done as a standalone injection (with a cannula or a needle) or blended with a compatible hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler. In most cases, the PRF will be administered without fillers, offering a 100% natural approach allowing the body’s own natural resource to support cellular regeneration and repair.  PRF is beneficial in eliminating acne scars, minimizing pores and blemishes, improving disparities in complexion, smoothing uneven texture, and increasing tone.

With the cannula injection method, there is virtually no visible damage to the epidermis, while underneath, immediate activation of longer term release of the stem cell cascade stimulates keratinocytes that activate the production on new collagen and epidermal growth factors yielding the best anti-aging result from the cellular level.

Areas most popularly injected with PRF: tear troughs (under eyes), fine lines around lips, nasal labial folds, and marionette lines, in addition to supporting hair restoration for both men and women.

Immediately following the treatment, inflammation, redness and/or other discolorations are minimal, and usually resolve within 1-2 days.

The product can remain in the layers of the dermis for several days. Do not be discouraged if you love what you see on day 1 but it dissipates when swelling minimizes. As swelling subsides, the PRF matrix will work to build your own collagen in its place.

Follow up visits at 4-week intervals are highly suggested, at which point we can assess the skin’s condition and take photos to compare your results. PRF can have up to a 4-6 month benefit, from each treatment, which is twice the benefit you could get with standard PRP. 

How Does PRF Differ From Traditional PRP (platelet-rich plasma)?

PRF is a second-generation version of PRP therapy. PRF has a higher concentration of platelets, fibrin, and white blood cells. In addition, PRF has a small percentage of stem cells, which cannot be found in traditional PRP.  PRF is 100% natural with zero additives. The treatment works by forming a gel after 15 minutes to hold a nice form, which makes PRF especially effective when used in conjunction with a number of fillers, including:

Each of these fillers offers a unique benefit, depending on your preference and aesthetic goals. We recommend discussing facial filler and PRF treatments options with our doctors to create a customized plan for you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please contact us.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Before & After

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