Testosterone Implants


For Women

As women age, their testosterone levels fall. Yes, women have testosterone too. Even though women require much less testosterone than men, a woman with testosterone deficit may have these following symptoms: 

  • Weight gain
  • Decrease in energy
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Mood swings / Depression
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Brain fog / poor concentration
  • Memory loss
  • Hot flash and associated menopausal symptoms
  • Vaginal dryness 
What can Shoreline Medical Spa do to treat hormonal imbalance for women?

The treatment involves placing a small amount of testosterone via pellet into the buttocks. Occasionally an estradiol pellet is used as well when there is an additional need for estrogen.

For Men

For males who experience testosterone deficiencies, Testosterone Implants may be necessary to sustain normal growth, development, and function of the male sex organs as well as for secondary male sex characteristics. 

Testosterone is necessary for the growth of body hair, development of your muscles and bones, and it also helps stimulate the production of your own red blood cells. It makes men’s voices get deeper. For those who need testosterone replacement or a testosterone boost, Shoreline Medical Spa can help.

What is the treatment like?

We insert this medicine under the skin in the fatty tissue generally in the abdominal wall or the buttocks.

After you’ve received your testosterone implant, please keep all of your appointments with Shoreline Medical Spa so we can chart your progression. Blood tests at regular intervals are performed.

Testosterone Implants are not for you if…

You’ve had cancer of the prostate or if you have compromising allergies to active ingredients. 

Contact Shoreline Medical Spa today if you have any questions regarding testosterone implant treatment. We’ll determine the best course of treatment to suit your unique needs.

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